Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What's on the menu

So after yesterday's debacle of cleaning under the couch, I decided that I needed to give these dogs a good combing. I couldn't find the brush, so the brat and I went off to Petsmart, to find a good one.

First stop was the fish, because one of my gouramis went to the great aquarium in the sky the other day, so I'm going to have to replace him, lest Sweeney Todd (my blue gourami) get too lonely. Browsed the fish for a while, inquired about the miniature crabs, which are SO cool, but don't live in an aquarium, so we went over to the dog department. The Brat went and looked for some treats for her goofy dog. She ended up with some Scooby Doo treats -- an oddity for a dog treat shape, if you ask me -- and I ended up with a shedding blade, an odd little tool that looks like a torture device, a nice little brush, and a big bottle of Shed Stop, which is a miracle cure for dogs that shed. Wandered over to the pets for adoption, where we saw a big fatty fat pants cat that looks just like my Bandito. Bratty girl spent some time trying to convince me that, if we got that cat, her father would never know, because they looked so much alike. She's probably right, but that cat is still sitting in the cage at Petsmart.

Came home, and took those nutty dogs outside, one at a time, and used that sheeding blade on 'em both. I can now say, with quite a bit of confidence, that I could stuff a couch with the hair that came off of them. There is dog hair all over the backyard. I finally stopped, because they were getting bored and tired, and I needed a shot or two off my inhaler. I'm not looking forward to finishing the job, but it'll probably add a year or two of life to my Dyson, when I'm done.

Hubby grilled steaks for dinner. They were YUM. It was youth group night, so the only one home to eat with us was the heir to the throne, who sat down and had an exclamation of happiness when he saw the menu. I swear he was looking at the veggies when he said it, but that can't be right, cause the boy won't eat a veggie, but oh well, he loved the steak. He got up and went to put his dishes in the dishwasher, after which he reached over on the counter, and grabbed a box of cookies for a little after dinner nibble.

Only it wasn't cookies. It was the Scooby Doo snacks that The Brat had bought for Butthead. Thomas just about took a bite of it before he realized what he had, darn it. I would've paid good money for him to have eaten that dog treat. That's one of those priceless moments that only a parent could truly enjoy to the fullest. Alas, he stopped just short, and we had a good laugh at how much he is like his father, though I'd likely rather have a Scooby Doo snack than potpourri.

And so, in honor of those crazy mutt dogs that live here, and the cats too, I decided to show you a couple of cuties, in Disney prints, that I saw some time back. From Lady and The Tramp, compliments of Dorothea's Closet, is this skirt of the infamous "we are Siamese if you please" kitties. Alas, it's sold. The matching doggie skirt was already sold as well, by Kakkoii Mono Cool Things, on the web. And the best thing? They don't shed!

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