Thursday, June 12, 2008

A History of Longevity

My mama had her birthday on Tuesday. I won't say how many years it's been, but let's just say, it's only 25 years till the big one. 'Nuff said, cause I think really that she stopped having birthdays at 39 -- or 40, depending on if you count the first 40th birthday, or the second, because she somehow lost count, was beset by a great depression one year, only to find out from my dad that it was only her 39th, not her 40th.

Of course, who really knows, cause when you're the middle kid of 18, and your dad named you backwards, anything is possible. Heck, she could be a year or two younger, for all we know. Maybe we'll just stick with that story. I mean, if all those Hollywood stars can do it, she can too, right? I don't mind, cause when it's your mom, you don't really care how old she is, as long as she's not one of these crazy women who decides to give birth at the age of ninety. I mean, for heaven's sake, that would be embarrassing.

I'm the baby of the family, and will always be, because my fine parents stopped when they finally got it right. Or perhaps the fact that I weighed over ten pounds scared Ma out of having more.

And so, Ma had her birthday, and I did indeed try to call to wish her a happy one, but no one answered the phone. I figured that they had gone out to dinner, and that I'd call yesterday, but time got away from me (I was brushing the dogs, remember), and I forgot. My bad.

So there I was, laying in bed this morning, trying to convince myself that I really should get up, when the phone rang, and it was my mommy. Pretty bad when your mom has to call to ask to be wished happy birthday -- which, I might add, was not why she called (I really don't remember if she had a reason for calling, but it's always nice to talk to her). And, since moving to grab the phone scared off the two cats that were sleeping on me, it worked out well for me, although the cats are still mad at me.

And so, in belated honor of my mama's birthday, I thought I'd show you some things that reminded me of her.

First, a pair of cool catseye glasses,
from Julie at damngoodvintage. Oops! I said a potty word. No more of that, little missy, lest I get my mouth washed out with soap, but they do remind me of my mom's dark colored ones, from when I was a tyke. I don't think she had rhinestones, but she has that inner bling bling. Outer bling might just be too much, especially with the red hair.

Next, for the mother of five, who managed, somehow, to get all of us to eat our vegetables (ok, so my youngest older brother doesn't count), here's the cutest
3D veggie dress, from the always-a-favorite-seller, Meloo. That'll definitely give you your five a day, in one fell swoop.

My mama always has loved flowers, and working in the yard. I do too, but alas, my tendonitis is getting the best of me these days, so thank God, The Brat has taken over. She seems to have her grandma's green thumb, and our yard is looking spiffy. Grandma will be proud, when she comes to visit at the end of the summer. And so, I found this adorable
Tulip Swirl dress,
from catseye vintage, on the bay. Can ya dig it?

Now, all this talk of vegetables and gardening, might make one think that my mom has no sense of humor, however, there is, of course, the red panties. I don't even remember how it started, but my conservative mama started a tradition of some red panties being sent around to the women of the family at Christmas, but she did. I'm not sure where they are right now, but I can assure you, they aren't with me. And so, in honor of the red panties, here you go: a rhumba panty set, from the.cameo.shoppe, on ebay.
Not, of course, for the faint of heart.

And hey, just because I have always thought my mama was the prettiest mama on the block, I'm closing with a fantastic red and white dress, with flying birds, again by Meloo.
I'm told it shows birds in flight, and since Mama loves her some birdies, it's perfect. Ain't it tweet?

Happy birthday, Ma. Better late than pregnant, I've always said. Now, more than ever.

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