Monday, April 14, 2008

All I Need is the Air That I Breathe

Let me just say - asthma sucks.

I got diagnosed with asthma about a year ago, but didn't get the full brunt of it till this year, when I had allergy testing and found that I am, as the doctor said, "allergic to about everything known to man." Great.

Allergies to dogs, cats, trees, molds, dust -- great for someone living in an 80 yo house with two dogs, two cats, several flower beds, tons of mature trees, a name it. This results in me sucking on inhalers at least every four hours a day, and coughing in between. And with the prednisone I'm on, I should be looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Oye.

So, what does one do, when one can't breathe right? Watch Dancing with the Stars, of course. I figure if I watch it long enough, I'll start looking like Edyta Sliwinska. Heck, I live with a Polish guy, so doesn't that count for something? It's a fun show to watch, and there are some hotties too. Some freaky looking people too - like Priscilla Plastic. I mean Presley, but who knows? The woman used to be beautiful, and now doesn't look like a real person - but still moves pretty well. However, no one will ever be better than Joey Fatone. His samba to Erasure's "Respect" with Kym is a video that I watch when I need cheered up. It just makes me smile.

Now, there is no way that I'd be breathing at the end of it, but hey, it's fun. And if you're in the mood for ballroom, try this vintage 50s petal bust prom dress, from my girl Jen, of MORE-of-Macojeros-Sewing-Patterns, on ebay, and on the net. Too cool -- pink, strapless, and ready to wear. And those cateye glasses remind me of my mommy, when I was a kid. I'd wear it with pearls, and a decolletage inhaler tucked away.

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