Thursday, April 24, 2008

International House of Punk

So, The Bratty Gurl has a 2 hour break for lunch every day. She doesn't handle boredom well, and is constantly asking me to come up and have lunch with her. Only did it once before, when my parents were visiting, but I was in a good mood today, so I went and met her.

We met at IHOP. She called and told me to meet her, and I left in a few minutes. As I was pulling in the parking lot, she called me again, to see where I was. I told you, she doesn't handle boredom well. When I walked in, there she was sitting there, waiting.

Our waitress just happened to be the same one as the day that I went there with my parents. I even ordered the same thing as that day, because I like to eat breakfast when we go out. Sitting there, listening to the dd talking about her meeting with her ignorant history teacher, who she'd had an appointment with. She met with him about her paper, which he wouldn't give back to her, and had given her a C on. The girl has never gotten a C on a paper in her life. So when she met with the instructor, he informs her that he'd upped her paper a full letter grade, because when he read it, "it was better than I thought." Duh. The girl can write.

So we're sitting there, and I realize that on the overhead, The Ramones are singing "I Want to be Sedated." Odd choice, in the International House of Pancakes. But maybe it's just me. The only time I actually saw the Ramones in action was at the drive-in, in Rock & Roll High School, which was, oddly the second half of a double feature whose first half was Grease 2. I guess most of my experiences with the Ramones have been rather surrent, but at lunch, the music went from The Ramones to Frank Sinatra, Madonna, and when we were leaving, Prince singing When Doves Cry. Now, we all know I loves me some Prince, but in IHOP? How odd is that?

Tipper Gore would choke on her grits, I'm sure.

Pondered on it a bit over my scrambled eggs, then left so dd could get to her next class. Waved like mad at her as she was going out the parking lot -- we have this thing of waving at each other with wild enthusiasm, mouth agape -- till I realized that it wasn't her, but some soccer mom in a van that looked just like the one dd was driving. Oh well. Maybe that made that lady's day. Or maybe not, but I can't do anything about it now.

And so, in honor of IHOP and all that rocks, here's a Ramones T shirt, from margauxbigballa, a name that somehow amuses me, on ebay. Can't vouch for the vintagicity of it, but it fits the mood. And while you're in the mood for some Ramones, take this quiz, to see which Ramones song fits you the best. For me, it ended up being "The KKK took My Baby Away." Oddly amusing, as usual, when it comes to The Ramones.

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Fast Eddie's Retro Rags said...

Ha! I took that quiz too and got the same song as you. Lies, all lies those quizzes are!