Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm lookin' at you, Miss

Hubby's watching Last of the Mohicans again. For the bazillionth time. The man watches it anytime he comes across it -- and he's NOT someone who likes to watch movies more than once. Not so with this one.

I've never seen the entire thing, cause it has violence, and I don't watch movies with violence often. I've seen most of it, but get up and go make popcorn when the going gets rough. But I will say -- this movie rates right up there with Gladiator for movies with beautiful scores. I have Promontory on the MP3 player on my phone. It's absolutely beautiful.

The movie itself got a bad rap, being accused of being made for the MTV generation. It has Daniel Day Lewis, for heavens' sake, and that man is brilliant. And I would say that he's kind of hot in this movie, but he reminds me of my older brother in it, so that'd be wrong, so I won't. But a good friend of mine dissolves every time you even bring up the movie, because of his hotness. Hubby, however, loves it for the theme of honor in the face of difficulty, but even he bought the soundtrack at Goodwill once, when he found it on cassette for 99 cents.

And it has some great lines, like Madeline Stowe saying "what are you looking at," and the priceless reply "I'm lookin' at you, miss." ::sigh:: Hubby can quote passages of the movie verbatim and always says "this is back when men were men." With a musket loader on each hip. Oye.

But the music is great, and the theme is nice. And Magua is one bad ass mo fo, and definitely worth a watch, if you don't mind watching him eviscerate several people along the way. And if you'd rather just dress the part, grab this Vintage Fringed Suede jacket, from crappie0_1, on the bay.

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Sally said...

I have to agree with your husband. My DH and I love this movie and watch it everytime we come across it too. And Daniel Day-Lewis is HOT, HOT, HOT in it. Funny how he can look so different from one movie to the next. We feel the same way about the movie Gettysburg - we never tire of it.