Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What Floats My Boat

The Olympics are fast approaching, and all political protests aside, we love 'em. I've watched the Olympics since I was a kid, and enjoy them. Summer or winter, it really doesn't matter.

Last time around, in the summer Olympics, we watched a ton of events. I remember sitting in the living room, watching some vague track and field event, when suddenly ds shouted, "well, I guess I'll just bleed to death, and no one will care."

Nothing like a little blood to get people's attention.

Turned out the heir to the throne had been taking out the trash, not realizing that the ds had put some broken glass in the plastic bag he was toting. Lugging it out to the curb, that piece of glass put a nasty gash in ds's calf. By the time I got to him, there was a nice little puddle of blood on the front step, and it was obvious there would be some stitches involved.

Plopped him down in the grass, threw on my shoes, and went straight to Immediate Care. By the time we got there, my kid, 14 at the time, was like "dude, did you bring the camera? I need a video of them putting stitches in me. I could do serious things with that footage." Oye. That's my kid. My kid who didn't bother to tell me that he could feel the last couple of stitches going in, but didn't want a delay in the game by messing with more anesthesia.

That's my kid. He'd be a great discus thrower, but since he's friends with half of the track team at Vincennes, I don't think it will ever happen. Heck, he won't even lift with them, cause he says he doesn't need the humiliation.

DD, on the other hand, is quick to say that she wants to be on the rowing team. Specifically, she wants to be the coxswain because, as she says, she wants to be at the front of the boat, so she can yell, "row, you losers, ROW."

Cause that's how my bratty gurl rolls. She'd probably be best with the men's team, since she's so used to bossing her brothers and their friends around. Or, as the whacked out homeschool co-op director said "she'll never find a mate if she doesn't learn how to not be so harsh to the boys." Oye. Sorry, lady, she's not wearing any puff sleeve prairie dress, and I'm not interested in finding her a mate at the (then) age of 15. And if she did, she'd manage just fine by saying, "clean, you loser, clean!"

And it would work, trust me.

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