Friday, April 18, 2008

Rockin' and Rollin'

First, let me say that after I talked about uniforms the last time, I was pointed to this fabulous mod website, which is full of uber cool styles of the 60s and early 70s. I love mod stuff, but was too young to wear it -- and Mommy wouldn't have let me, though I did have a pair of white gogo boots that I loved. I was drawn, however to the Pierre Cardin nurse uniforms from 1970, which are an odd mix of That Girl meets The Flying Nun. Scroll down to see it on the page, because I can't steal the pic and post it here. Crazy stuff, pointed out to me by Chichi Chambers, on Babylon Mall. The dress shown here is vintage Pierre Cardin as well, interestingly constructed, but just as un-workable for me during the shift. I still like it, and it's from chez secondlooks, on ebay.

On to my day. I got to work and found out that we'd had an earthquake during the night. Between bad sleep and a pinhead sized bladder, I had been up every hour already, so when the Big One hit at 5:20am, I was fast asleep and missed all the action. Even the stinkin' dogs didn't wake up. I miss all the good stuff.

So I got an email from ds18, who is at school, about 35 miles from the epicenter -- if that's what you call it in Indiana. The email is entitled "what the holy shit." Yep, that's my kid. He proceeds to tell me that he had woke up to a crash (probably when someone's TV fell off the stand, as it did around the dorm), got evacuated for about an hour at 5:20am -- when I guess you find out who sleeps in what at the university -- and was mad as all get out that he hadn't gotten to go back to bed before he had a meeting with his advisor, then class. Life is hard when you're 18.

Ends his diatribe against the forces of earth by saying that he'd spent an hour and a half last night on wikipedia, reading about mass extinction. Nothing like a little light reading, I guess. As a result, when the kid woke up to The Wave, he said the first thing he thought was "man, I brought some bad ass luck to Vincennes," proving once again, that 18yo males are fairly certain that they control the earth.

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