Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Miracles Never Cease

Finally, Indiana might matter. As a red state, our Democratic votes are rather ignored by the powers that be.

Heck, the only thing our vote has been counted on is American Idol, and even that didn't matter, cause Joey still lost. That's the only time I've ever voted, but dd voted every week, when Jesus was an early contestant. Yep, Jesus. Not Hay-sus. The guys mom actually named him Jesus.

I ask you, how can you NOT vote for Jesus? I mean, really, I think you can go to the bad place for that. DD would march around the house saying "vote for Jesus! Vote for Jesus!" It was pretty funny, till the day that he got booted, which was fairly early on. We had to listen to her diatribe about anti-Jesus folk for at least a week. Still comes up once in a while. Since then, she gave up voting for singers, and has moved on to wanting to vote for our next commander in chief.

The candidates are spending a lot of time in Indiana right now. It's a great motivator to get ds18 to vote -- he even went to listen to Bill Clinton when he visited his college campus. However the poor timing of the election incites rage in dd17, who missed the deadline to be able to vote by only about two months. Yeah, like we need another thing to honk off a teenaged girl.....but her anger at not being able to make her opinion more known she already does, especially to the powers that be. Like her father and me.

So all we see these days on TV are election commercials and, as ds13, who will one day make me laugh from six feet under, says, the only thing we haven't seen or heard is "I'm Jesus, and I approved this message."

So I went looking for a Jesus caftan, but alas, the closest thing I could find that interested me was this cool angel sleeve dress, from The Tartan Princess, on ebay. Not exactly tartan, but hey, isn't it cute? I vote yes.

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