Monday, April 07, 2008

The Waterless Closet

Our youngest had a propensity for wandering off when we'd go out. Hubby didn't want to buy a leash for him, but if ever a kid needed one, it was this kid. He'd get lost in a closet.

Indianapolis has the best children's museum in the nation. No joke, it's usually ranked #1. Who'd of thunk that in the middle of Indianapolis, we'd have anything worth seeing, but it's true. The water clock alone will stop you in your tracks to stare. The ds13 got lost there more than once when he was little. Oye.

Took them there once to go to this Lego exhibit that they had. It was based on the ocean, so how could it be bad? The ocean was the oldest kid's favorite thing, with his aspirations of becoming a marine biologist. DD loved anything with animals in it, so hey, we were in good shape. Lugged them off to the museum, got them all busy working on something, turned and walked three feet to sit on a bench. And the kid was gone. GONE.

I looked everywhere for him in that room, and when I didn't see him, went out the door with the other two kids, looked around, then looked over the railing, and there was a volunteer, rolling him up to the Information desk in a wagon. His brother yelled down to him, and the 3yo genius looks up at me accusingly and yells "you got lost." He was offended. Oye.

So we took him to a friend's Labor Day party later that year and you guessed it, we lost him again. There were at least 50 people there, at least half of whom were kids, playing on the fort, the swingset, with the bikes, etc. I went in to get food and poof! He was gone again. We looked everywhere, and even the adults who didn't know this kid were getting worried when someone said "has anyone looked in the pool next door?"

I almost died.

I had no idea that there was a pool there, and we shot through the bushes to look. I thought I would vomit. And there he was in the pool. At the bottom. Playing in the leaves, cause the pool was empty. I read the kid the riot act for the whole walk over to the party, when he suddenly looked at me and said, quite sternly, "MOM. What am I gonna do about my POOP?" What in the world? "What are you talking about," I said, and almost died when he replied very seriously "Mooooooooo-m. I put my poop in that pool." I just looked at hubby, who said "what am I supposed to do about it?" and I gave him the look that only a wife can give, that says "I'm dealing with the kid, you go see if he's really done it."

To this day I have no idea what he did with that little deposit there, but now his best friend's brother lives in that house. I don't think I could ever swim in that pool now. Oh well, at least we knew that there were no Poop Monsters there.

So summer is coming, and if you want something to distract them from the goings on poolside, check out this Vintage 50s Mabs Swimsuit, from Glamoursurf. Water not required.

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