Friday, May 16, 2008

3.999 patterns

Remember my trip to Michiganthe other day? Bought 4,000 patterns. That's something like 25 egg boxes, stuffed full 'o patterns. That's a LOT of patterns.

They're still in my van. Everytime Seth climbs in, he says they smell like hay. Don't ask me why. The boy has always had a really sensitive nose, as opposed to my very challenged olfactory nerve, but if he says it smells like hay, it probably does. He smells everything. Come to think of it, he came to visit me at work on Friday, and told me that it smelled like Jello near where the operators sit. I didn't smell a thing, but someone probably had something Jello-y, cause the boy's nose doesn't miss much.

So, Thomas took 3 boxes 'o patterns out of my car and put them into the garage. I took one out, and got 'em listed. Make hay while the sun shines, and all that. But there are still 20+ boxes still in my car.

So I drove to work on Friday morning, and had the bright idea that perhaps I would try to type up a few listings on company time, if I had a chance. Pulled in the parking lot, pulled out a plastic bag, and started stuffing some formal patterns into it. Took me a while, because I was trying to just get one style at a time, instead of filling the bag with all the same pattern. That would defeat my purpose.

I glanced up, and some total stranger is standing on the front driver's side, in front of the car, staring at me. I thought maybe she was waiting for someone, so I brushed it off, and kept sorting. Looked up and there she was again. Kinda weird. I checked to see if I had hit her car, parked too close, or what. Nothing. Lady keeps staring at me. I finally got out to go in the building, and this lady comes up and says "I see you have some patterns in your car. You must sew."

I'm not sure which one shocked her more -- me telling her that no, I don't sew, or that I had 4,000 patterns in that car. If I'd slapped her on the back, her eyes would've flown across the parking lot. I corrected myself to say that I don't sew anymore, that I could do some very basic sewing, but can't get into it right now that I have 4,000 patterns, just in my car alone. That doesn't count the bazillion at the house. She was blown away.

That lady had no idea that she was gonna walk into work today with a true pattern junkie, but I think I gave her a smile before her first cup 'o joe. Good thing, cause the hub won't be smiling when he sees all those patterns still in my car. Oh well, they are a thing of loveliness, like this fabulous draped deco blouse pattern, from my store. I wish I had 4,000 more like it, cause it is one glamorous pattern. And it's not in my car.

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