Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Jaws of Life

So there I am at work last week, innocently checking billing, doing the call schedules, merging duplicates, and in general just going about my day, when some dude calls me and says he has a worm.

In his head. And he can hear it crunching by his right ear, whilst it is eating his brain. And when it moves, it wraps around his right ankle. And it burns. Apparently, even the jaws of life can't get it loose from his ankle. But mostly, the crunching in his ear is driving him nuts.

Short drive, I'm thinking.

Dude's been to ER twice, and they have said that he's nuts. Imagine! He's mad, cause they haven't fixed the worm situation yet. Once it crawls in, it doesn't crawl out, I guess. And his friend is yelling in the background that someone needs to do something before it eats his whole brain.

I'm really thinking that that might not be so much of a problem, really. Heck, that worm probably has enough space to rent out a room for his buddies. Oye.

And so, if the early bird gets the worm, what's the early worm get? This fab Catalina Dirty Bird swimsuit, from Dorothea's Closet Vintage. Check it out closely, and you'll see why they are dirty birds -- crazy, considering it's a 50s suit. Not exactly what June Cleaver would wear, but it'd go great with the worm poking out of your right ear.

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