Tuesday, May 13, 2008

4000 patterns of Vogue in the van, 4000 patterns of Vogue

So, I went on a road trip today. After yesterday's debacle with the heir to the throne, I almost made him go with me, but I decided I wanted to have a good time, so I went alone. Drove up to Michigan, and picked up 4,000 patterns.

No lie. I have 4,000 patterns in my van. Right now. To the roof. Or to the moon, Alice, when the hubby sees 'em, but he'll get over it. Someone closing her ebay store needed to be rid of them, so I drove up to Spring Lake, Michigan -- a nice little town, if you ever get that way -- swooped into her driveway, loaded up, had a nice conversation about homeschooling, ebay, and life in general, and took off home again.

Did I mention that it was a five hour drive there? Well, really it was much longer, because I meandered -- or took the scenic route, as my father would put it. Actually, the route was only scenic because I stopped at lots of places along the way, to shop. And bought more patterns. Well, only about ten more than the 4,000 that I loaded up, but they were GOOD patterns.

Yeah, I needs me a 12 step program for patterns, but hey, this oughtta keep me out of trouble for a New York minute. And the boy too, cause he'll be the one unloading them, and if he doesn't shape up, I'll make him file the listed ones -- cause everyone here knows that NO ONE likes to file the patterns. Except me, that is, because everyone leaves me alone when I'm filing, because they are afraid I'll ask them to help.

So I drove to Michigan alone, on a beautiful blue day, and got back at almost 11pm. (Drove back a different way, somehow stopped following my number one route home, no biggie, was gonna do the alternate route, till I saw a warning that my ramp was closed, so hey -- take this route that takes you down two lane roads, through the center of Indiana's farm country, through cities like Medaryville and Francessville, where the only thing open past eight is the liquor store, till you get to the interstate, two hours later. It was pretty, though.) Thought about the boy going with, just so I could make him miserable with all the stops, and some Barry Manilow, Josh Groban and the like, and then decided, hey -- I want to have a good time. I'll just make him miserable in other ways, like calling and telling him to do the laundry and such. And making him wash the bugs off my windshielf tomorrow. Yeah. That way I win twice, or maybe even three or four times..

So now I'm home again, with clean laundry, and 4010 patterns, plus a pink tulle prom dress, an emerald green shantung dress, some Waverly fabric, a Snow White book, and another dress that I can't even remember what it looks like, but it was 5 bucks, so hey, it's a deal. Oh, and a Faith Austin Siamese cat hankie that is just too too cute. Thus ends a happy day in the life of me, on vacation, getting in touch with my inner truck driver.

And so, what makes me happy today is 50s Vogue. I just love a great 50s Vogue pattern, and although the ones I bought today are all modern -- uncut, no counting pieces -- can I get an AMEN! -- this strapless 50s prom dress is better than Prozac, to cheer your day. Granted, it's a size 32 bust -- something I haven't seen since 5th grade -- but isn't it pretty? And it's in my store. So there. I can look at it whenever I want. Till someone buys it and makes me cry. But that'll be more money to buy more patterns. YAY!

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fuzzylizzie said...

You are a woman after my own heart! What's a 5 hour drive when 4000 patterns are at the end of it?! Lizzie