Friday, May 16, 2008

An ode to comfort food

We all know that the hubby and I have three kids, give or take. I say give or take, because on a given day, we could have as many as three or four more. Our door is pretty much open, as long as you don't expect fine cuisine, you don't show up with anything illegal, and you follow our minimal rules, which are basically designed to keep people from killing each other, and not necessarily a lot more.

Thomas' buddy, aka Potter aka Poots, spent virtually every weekend at our house for about five years, before he went to college at Regis, in Denver, last fall. I still think that he went to Regis to score points with the hubby, who is a big ole Broncos fan, but who knows? I just know that we sheltered him, supplied some food, and tolerated a LOT of caffeine and sugar over the years, just so the boy could get it outta his system.

When he left, Seth's buddy took his place. Just about every weekend, he's here. Unlike Potter, he doesn't bring a computer, or furniture. He just shows up. Good thing is, he'll do anything I ask him to do: take out the trash, do the dishes, anything, just so he can come over and play WoW or City of Heroes, or whatever the weekend's game is. Heck, he'll even go see a chick flick if the dd wants company. He just wants to hang out.

So, next month, we get new guests: The Ugandan Orphans Choir. Yep, word's gotten 'round the world now, and our visitor's list is going international. We'll be hosting three or four kids, and an adult chaperone, for a couple of nights next month, when they are performing at our church. Hope they know about Utter Chaos, but if not, they're gonna learn.

They come with a full set of instructions, for everything from how they do their laundry (don't be surprised to find them doing it in the bathtub or sink), to how they sleep (3-4 to a bed). I didn't expect them to accept us, because of our zoo (two dogs, two cats, and a guinea pig), but here we are, so I guess I'd better study the rules. There are several pages.

The one thing that blows my mind, and I cannot comprehend at all, is the diet. There's a list of what they do eat (burgers, dogs) and what they don't eat. Yogurt isn't surprising, because a lot of people don't like yogurt, but macaroni and cheese? What in the world?

Frankly, that's sacrilege.

Mac and cheese is the true comfort food. I don't care if it's made by Kraft, or made at a four star restaurant, mac and cheese is like therapy. It's yummy. It's basically one of the four food groups. Why in the world would these little kids not eat it?

I find it very disturbing.

It's not a dairy issue, because milk is ok, as is cheese. I doubt it's pasta, because I think spaghetti was on the list. So why not macaroni and cheese? Someone please tell me, because it really is bothering me. Wash your clothes in my bathtub, keep quiet during dinner, but man, it's just wrong to not eat macaroni and cheese.

Someone 'splain it to me, cause seriously, I don't understand. And if shopping is your therapy, grab this ethnic kitty wooden necklace, from Purse Diva Vintage, on Main Street Mall Online. Yummy!

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