Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Across a crowded room...........

I met hubby in a bar. Yep, I really did. Not exactly a romantic thing, but there I was, sitting there whilst all of my friends danced. Well, I wasn't exactly sitting alone, but the only other person there was a guy I had dated, and did NOT want to dance with. So he didn't count. And along comes a total stranger who asked me to dance, and the rest is history.

Not love a first sight, mind you. The kids and I are reading "Romeo and Juliet" this week -- THAT was love at first sight, but ours wasn't. I kind of thought he dressed like a burglar, cause he had on corduroys and a turtleneck -- pretty weird for inside a club. (Even if it was a dive. And this WAS a dive.) But I found out that he has no interest in fashion, and the burglar look wasn't really that unusual for him. Nonetheless, he's very cute, so I'll keep him.

My inlaws met on a blind date. Actually, he was with her roommate, and they both ditched their blind dates to meet up with each other. MY parents met on a blind date too. I can't remember who set them up, but my dad said he knew that night that they were going to get married.

My mom thought he was nuts.

And now they've been married over 50 years. There's just no accounting for when the fireworks will go off, or how it'll happen.

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