Monday, January 22, 2007

The long and shorts of it.

Hubby's doing a new play. He did one last year, and played the psychiatrist. Yes, I see the irony of that. this year, he's playing a character role, as the town bum. I don't know much about the play, but I was told one thing: he has to strip down to his longjohns on stage.

Like that's anything new.

Granted, the man has never done it onstage, but most people who've known him for any time become familiar with his bum. It's a commonly known fact: hubby likes to be known. I had a Pampered Chef party one time, and he wandered out in a towel right in the middle of it. The girls just shook their heads -- they know how he is.

He used to go on a bike trip with church -- five days on bicycles, biking anywhere from 30-60 miles a day. Oh yeah, heaven on wheels. And most people are on tandems, too. Not us. I decided very early on that our marriage wasn't going to survive it, so I didn't go. Well, there was one year that I drove him there, cause he couldn't start when everyone else did. I drove him to where they were, then got a bed at the local B&B. Stayed the night by myself, then met them for dinner at the next stop. Two nights alone, whilst he sweated on the bike. I had a great time. So did he. And we're still married.

The group on the bike trip used to say that the trip wasn't complete until they'd all seen dh's bum. One time, when they were back home, they did a head count to see how many people had had The View.

Everyone in the room raised their hand.

So there they are, making a pit stop in the middle of southern Indiana somewhere. Dh is out in a bean field that's up to his waist. The girls look over, and suddenly he is dancing around the field, swingin' his shorts over his head. They started cracking up and shaking their heads, when one of them decides to record it for posterity. But when she raised her camera up, posterity slapped her camera right in the lens -- she snapped the pic just as he leapt up to show his posterior.

And it got recorded on film, for all time.

In that picture, a car is just coming into view. Wonder what THEY thought.

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