Thursday, January 18, 2007

Day at the Museum

I took the kids to the children's museum here in town today. Actually, I just took the youngest two, because the oldest is far beyond that now. They've been bugging me for weeks to go, since we usually go either in the first week of September or the first week of January, when its the quietest. Well, we had too much going on, so it was better late than never.

I was admiring the wonderful new sculpture they have in there, called Fireworks of Light, by Dale Chiluly. It stretches up from the basement to the top floor, and it is fantastic. I particularly loved being underneath it. They have a glassed area beneath it, on the lowest level, where you can view some of his work while leaning back on seating that revolves, so you can view it from different angles. Really cool! Of course, the kids couldn't appreciate it, so I told them to go ahead and I would catch up -- they are 16 and 12 now, so they don't need constant supervision, just the threat of a parent catching them in the act, and they'll behave.

Kind of reminded me of the time that I took all three kids there, when ds12 was about 3. They had a Lego exhibit at the time that was really cool, with an underwater theme. We went straight there, and I got all three kids comfortably entranced in the activities in the room, and turned to sit down. It was literally two seconds that it took me to sit, and ds was gone.

::sigh:: I wish I could say that this was unusual, but no, it wasn't. But it was that fast.

I looked around the room and couldn't find him anywhere. The exhibit was on the second level, with an overlook to the entry to the museum. I went out and looked over the railing, and there was my kid, being pulled in a wagon by a volunteer, up to the Information desk. I reflexively shouted down "SETH DANIEL" to which he responded by looking straight up at me, and looking down the index finger now pointing straight at me and yelling "YOU GOT LOST!"

::sigh:: I went flying down the stairs to collect him, and found the volunteer absolutely cracking up. He told me "normally we ask for some identification or someone else to verify that you are indeed the parent, but I guess he just did."

Yep, that's my kid.

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