Monday, January 29, 2007

Never at a loss for words..............

I'm a talker. I have always been, and will always be, gabby. I talked in my sleep when I was a kid, and now I get PAID to talk. Of course, the most important part of my job is listening, but I do talk a lot too.

I talked in my sleep when I was a kid. Walked in my sleep, but that is the stuff of family legends that I will not go into here. I know I talked a lot though, and my kids have followed suit. DS17 doesn't talk when he's awake, much less asleep, but the other two do. Of course dd mostly walked in her sleep, but you can catch her talking once in a while.

DS12 is totally different. You can have whole conversations with that kid when he's asleep - and he won't remember a thing about it in the morning. One night, when we were on a cruise, he sat up, looked directly at his brother and yelled "I don't know what it is, but it's REAL ketchupy." Laid back down and went to sleep, whilst the big brother was still laughing. We never did find out what it was that he was talking about, but it was real ketchupy.

On that cruise, the kids played a lot of poker. Not in the casino, mind you, but in the library, where they would play for pennies, or just for their honor. On the flight on the way home, ds12 was wrapped in his blanket, snoozing away next to me. Suddenly, he let out a loud sigh and said "I fold...............again. I guess he was disappointed with his hand, but it sure did make me laugh. He's a nut.

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