Friday, January 12, 2007

He is not worthy....he is not worthy.........

I have had these shoes for months. MONTHS. I love them -- seriously. Red is my favorite color, and I just think that they are fantastic.

But, reality being what it is, I have come to realize that they will never fit my feet. Maybe in 6th grade they would've fit, but I have, as my hubby says, duck feet, and these will never fit me. ::sob::

So, they have sat on my desk for months, where I have admired them from near and far, as well as the vintage 40s Mary Janes that I bought at the same time. I just look at them and sigh, I love them so much.

Fast forward to tonight. I'm sitting on the couch, laptop on my lap, measuring tape around my neck. Hubby is next to me, watching basketball. I set one shoe on the edge of my laptop, sighed, and informed hubby that if these shoes fit me, they would never leave my feet. I would sleep in them. I'm serious - I love these shoes.

To which hubby looks at me blankly, and says:
::gets the look from the wife::
Him: "What are they?"
Me: They're 40sfauxreptilevintageREDpeeptoeslingbackplatforms. And I love them.
Him: "Who would WEAR them?"

At which point, I snatched it away and told him he wasn't allowed to touch them. He is not worthy.

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