Friday, January 05, 2007

Pothead and the House of Utter Chaos

We have three kids. I gave birth to three children, but I actually say I have five, most days, because God knows, the dh should count as one. Our fifth one is literally the boy next door. The neighbor kid has spent almost every Friday night at our house for the past three years, and a lot of Saturdays. Nice kid, goes to the hoity toity rich kids school, as I call it, then comes to our house to be deprogrammed.

He shall be hereforth known as Potter, cause that's what we call him. Well, somedays I call him Pothead, but that's because of dh. He'd been hanging at our house for a couple of years before hubby heard us calling him Potter, at which time dh pulled me aside and said, with a concerned tone, "is that cause he's a pothead?" "No, dear," I responded. "Have you not looked at him lately? He actually looks a lot like Harry Potter." Blank stare from the dh.

If I'd told him he was an NFL player, he would've known who HP was, but he's not, so it took a while to explain it.

Potter is an only child -- very, very protected, and raised in a quiet house. Our house, in case you wondered, is anything BUT quiet, so I think he comes over to let his mojo run free. DS and he head off to the store on Fridays, load up on energy drinks and junk food, then play computer games all night. You can tell how much caffeine Potter's had but the vibrations on the living room ceiling -- he can get pretty darned riled up and will, at some point, start some combination of head banging, screaming, dancing, or leaping around, going a million miles an hour. They've actually done a couple of videos -- I think one is on youtube -- just to prove that this side of Potter exists. I don't think anyone actually sees the kid like this, except us, and he is quite entertaining.

He doesn't come over alone. He travels with his computer. Takes two trips to get it all into the house, but he does it, week after week. There was a point at which he started bringing his office chair too -- that was the point at which I told him that, if he was going to start bringing furniture over, we were going to either a) start charging rent or b) start claiming him on our taxes. He just grinned and sat down.

Of course, then there was the week that ds actually went to HIS house. Took HIS computer over, then half an hour later, he came back in. Few minutes later, he walks right across our field of vision (we were watching the tube), carrying a 27" TV from his room. Ummmmmmmmm.....NO. I do have my limits. Don't know why they felt they needed two TVs, but that one never left the house.

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