Thursday, January 11, 2007

Some guys have all the bull

I've never quite understood a man's fascination with certain things.

Take, for example, Viagra man. He used to chronically call us at work, daily or even more often, to report that he had taken Viagra that wasn't prescibed for him and now, what went up, won't come down. Never gave a name, like we couldn't figure out who he was. ::sigh:: EVERY day. Multiple times. We would try to scare him off occasionally, telling him exactly what the would do to rectify the problem. Nothing helped, till the day my friend said "you've called us before, haven't you?" He hung up and never called back. Of course, when I switched jobs to another call center, there he was, but we got rid of him the same way.

And when I worked in the hospital, we used to have a guy who would call on a fairly regular basis, claiming he was in various stages of labor. Sometimes it was twins, sometimes he was in active labor and could see the head coming out. Buddy, step away from the crack pipe.

And yeah, there are the guys who like to get their jollies, telling us every little detail of the family jewels. Just the facts, Mack, and I'm off the phone.

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