Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mr Guapo

My hubby goes on a mission trip every year. Usually to Mexico, though last year, he went to New Orleans. This year, he'll be heading off to Mexico to build a house for a family in the colonia in Reynosa. He really has a good time.

Now, hubby can't speak Spanish. French, oui. He's actually half fluent in French, and did really well in Paris, when we were on our honeymoon. But Spanish, no way, Jose. He does occasionally try to speak something unintelligible, and pass it off as Spanish, but you know, Mrs Glimka, my German junior high Spanish teacher, taught me better than that.

Each year he has learned a little more though. The second year he went, I came along for the week. I was asking our interpreter how to say Nurse in Spanish, because I always got it mixed up with pregnant (go figure). She laughed and said "Enfermera is nurse. Embarazada is pregnant." I wondered what was up when hubby turned bright red. Turned out, he had tried to tell the ladies at the job site that he was embarrassed, and ended up telling them he was pregnant. And he didn't realize what had happened until that moment.

I'm sure they didn't mind though, as they thought the hub was "muy guapo." That, for your information, means that they thought he was a hottie. One of the women, a beautiful girl named Lupita, invited him to ride in the back of their truck with her, every day, when we went to lunch at the church. Our translator said maybe I should make my wedded-ness known, but I just laughed. The man comes home with me, so I don't care -- he can be their little boy toy for a week.

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