Saturday, January 20, 2007

Eternal mysteries of life Part 2: Football

Well, you all know, if you've read my blog at all, that the hubby is the #1 Broncos fan east of the Mississippi. LOVES them. So imagine how odd it was at my house last week. Hubby came home on Wednesday and told me that on Saturday night, we were going to have about 20 people over for the Colts game. Greaaaaat, cause I was working all day on Saturday. And the game was to start at 4:30. And the house was a pit. And the hubby is an OCD housecleaner. When the kids were little and he wanted to clean the house, I would take them and leave the house whilst he went nuts cleaning. Kept everyone happy.

When ds17 found out what was happening last week, he immediately said he was going to work all day Saturday. No matter that they didn't need him, he was going to be out of the house, whilst the maniac cleaned. The other two kids ran for cover in their rooms, and I left for work, with threats of all sorts of evil if he drove anyone nuts about the cleaning, because he had invited everyone over without checking with me first.

So, once people started arriving, I looked up and realized that there, in the middle of our living room, right over the mantle, was a COLTS poster. I about dropped dead. Everyone thought I was nuts, but I've lived with this man in this house for 14 years, and have never, ever seen anything but Broncos stuff here. Including the 8 foot high Broncos helmet painted on the boys' bedroom wall, when they were little.

And that poster is still up, cause he invited everyone over again tomorrow for the game. Tonight, we went downtown with the dd to see all the blue and white lights. Reminded me of the night that we drove around Monument Circle -- actually, it was Christmas Eve -- playing KC and the Sunshine Band full blast on our radio. We had the windows rolled down and were singing "Do a Little Dance, Make a Little Love, Get Down Tonight" at the top of our lungs, with the three kids, who were 6, 10 and 11 at the time.

They still talk about that one, and it still give me a giggle, thinking of us passing limos and shouting disco music at them on Christmas Eve.

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