Saturday, February 02, 2008

Connectile Dysfunction

The Superbowl is tomorrow, and there's a Manning in it. Not the finger lickin' Manning from our fair city, but Eli -- who the dd has pronounced "hot," despite her mother's admonitions that he looks like a big goob. Oh well. We all know what the superbowl is about, and it's not football.

It's about the commercials.

My husband and I find that the older we get, the less we understand commercials. Heck, the commercials nowadays are so weird that even my teenagers don't get them -- and they are supposedly the target market. But the ones that the hub and I get a kick out of are not necessarily the Superbowl ones -- everyone watches out for those. It's the erectile dysfunction ones.

I pointed out to the hub that the commercials are rife with phallic symbols. Notice the Cialis commercials sometime -- the one with the couple in the bathtub. Now, I'm not sure why the couple has separate bathtubs, cause if you're in separate bathtubs, then why the heck would you even NEED Cialis anyway? Anyway, pay attention to that commercial sometime. The guy's bathtub has a spigot. The lady's doesn't.

This piqued the hubby's interest, and now we make sport of these commercials, and their symbology. Redwoods. Rocks. Spewing faucets. And of course, Ditka's commercial a few years back, where he made throwing the ball through the hole in the tire a naughty wink wink thing.

It's not to say that we don't enjoy the Superbowl Commercials. Hubby liked the Tabasco Sauce one with the exploding bugs a couple of years ago. My favorite has to be the Terry Tate commercials, cause who wouldn't want that dude working in your office? Last year, they did a commercial about some computer thing, with the tag line "connectile dysfunction." Stupid commercial, really, but later in the game, when there was a bad snap to the kicker, I mentioned the game being based on "connectile dysfunction," hubby just about lost it. And when we were watching a replay of the game tonight, he chuckled yet again. Guess I made an impression.

So I went looking for something to get connected in, and found this Coral Pink Vintage 50s Cashmere sweater, from fast eddie's retro rags, on Ebay. It's got everything that's good -- sparklies, cashmere, and it's PINK. And if you can't get his face outta the bean dip when you wear this one, there's just something wrong with the universe. Maybe it's Connectile Dysfunction.

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