Monday, February 11, 2008

The Pampered Painter

I have a spatula in my purse.

I've never been one to put much in my purse. Used to a carry a purse that even my husband said was too small, but I hate carrying a bunch of junk around. Of course, most stuff I carry isn't in my purse; it's in my pockets. Hubby went looking in my coat pocket for a receipt the other day, and came out with 65 bucks, about twelve receipts, a pager, a cell phone, a glove, my keys, my work ID, some change, and a piece of candy.

But no spatula.

Why, you ask, do I have a spatula in my purse? It's actually not a spatula, it's actually a Pampered Chef small spatula, bought a couple of years ago. Used many, many times for lifting cornbread from the pan (or stone), brownies, and the like. But never did I realize it's multipurpose uses till I found it on the floor of my van a couple of weeks ago. I asked the ds13 what the heck my spatula was doing in the car, and he said, "Dad was scraping the car with it." Yep. It's rather bent too. I put it in my purse to hide it from the hubby, and it's never made it out, cause I never remember when I'm in the kitchen.

I also have the Pampered Chef Large Spreader. It's great for putting frosting on cakes, or whipped cream on ds13's favorite recipe, also called "good" (a story for another day). Or, as the dh would say, it's perfect for spackling.

I found the spreader in his paint stuff, and asked what the heck it was doing there. "Oh, what IS that thing," he said. I told him it was a fine quality item from Pampered Chef, to which her responded "what the heck? It is perfect for spreading mud." AKA spackle.

I confiscated it.

Caught him with it again a month or so later, and now I've given up the battle. I mean, no one's gonna eat cake here if they get a big mouthful of spackle dust. Oye. That man.

So if you come to my house and try to get a piece of cornbread, don't ask why the spatula is warped. But then again, you may never see it. We're getting snow tonight, after all, so it'll probably be in my purse - or the car. So, in honor of the 4-6" of snow we're expecting tonight, I found this vintage 60s embroidered Spy Girl coat, from GailDavid's This 'N That Shop, on Babylon Mall. The gold might clash a little with the silver spatula, but you'll still look great anyway.

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