Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Look Mommy!

My eldest son is a film-o-phile. I don't know the proper verbage for it, but the boy LOVES films. One of my fondest memories of him when he was younger was when we'd sit up and watch the Oscars together. The first time, he was about 8, and had strep throat. He was still in "regular" school at the time, but wasn't going to go the next day, because although he was feeling better, he was still contagious. Rather than passing the plague along to the class, we planned to keep him home the next day. He begged to stay up and watch the Oscars with us, and we figured why not.

Of course, hubby being hubby, he fell asleep long before the big awards were done. DS made it just about to the end and, as I recall, it might've been the year that Harrison Ford presented the final award. And Harrison Ford was, at the time, my son's hero. Alas, he missed him.

And so it became a routine for us to watch the awards together, and now, to make our predictions about the winners (more on this later this week). He will be away at school this year, so we can't watch them together, but you can bet we'll be IM-ing each other about them. Someone will end the night with bragging rights. And he'll still be pounding away at his list of "must see" movies, which are in various and sundry languages, about even more varying topics. He has an amazing array of films on that list; many are ones I've never even heard of.

The first film he ever saw at the theatre, however, was 101 Dalmatians. He was about 2. He made it about halfway through before I had to take him out, cause he was just too antsy. Looking back, had I taken him to Casablanca, I would've had a better chance of staying till the popcorn was done, but hindsight is 20/20.

DD, however, would've made it through 101 Dalmatians, and begged to watch it again. DD was not quite 18 months when the movie came out on video(there's a year between her and her brother). When that video hit the store, suddenly we were seeing spots everywhere: Dalmatian bedspreads, toothbrushes, you name it. And she had it all, right down to the underwear and shoes. Heck, I was even sitting at a VERY busy intersection one day, waiting for the light to turn, and a Dalmatian went running through the intersection. I swear it was keeping up with the cars, and it never slowed down -- and it ran at least half a mile before I lost site of it.

It made dd's day, and I think she saw it as an act of God. Begged me to chase after it and take it home. No dice. The dd even dressed as a Dalmatian for Halloween that year, till she vomited all over the outfit after the first house we went to. Shortlived, that trick or treating was.

DD didn't care, cause no one was giving out Dalmatians for Halloween, so she talked us into buying every bit of Disney marketing she could get her hands on. Every time we'd go to Target, she'd get a fix on a Dalmatian product, and would promptly bellow "LOOK MOMMY, Damnations!"

Turned a few heads, that did. Mortified me more than once, but it still gives me a giggle, cause she was just so darn cute when she did it. Over and over and over. For months. And so, in honor of the Damnation years, here's a darn cute polka dot Gunne wiggle dress, from, appropriately named Damn Good Vintage. It'll turn a few heads, too.

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