Saturday, February 09, 2008

Oscar Worthy

Nope, this one's not about nursing. I haven't worn my nursing cap since graduation. I think it's in the attic, but I'm not really sure. Today, we're talking about something a little more important -- the Oscars are two weeks from tomorrow. As I mentioned earlier this week, we kind of get into the Oscars at our house.

Hubby generally insists on seeing every movie that's nominated for best picture, as well as the ones with Best Actor and Actress nominees. He makes his predictions, and does so so. What really frustrates him is the fact that I don't usually see any of the movies, but I manage to predict the Oscars really well.

A few years back, I was standing in the line in the video store -- a place I rarely go. There was a form there to enter their "Predict the Oscars" contest, so while I was waiting, I filled it out. Took all of ten seconds. I hadn't seen any of the movies, so I went by what my gut said, and from what I'd read.

I won the contest.

Hubby couldn't believe it. Won it again the next year. The third year, I tied for first, but that has never stopped the hubby from competing with me on the winners. He fails to see how someone who sees so few movies can predict the Oscars so well. Heck, last year, I predicted the winners before the nominees were announced. He thought I was crazy, since he'd never even heard of "The Last King of Scotland," but yep, I got it right.

This year iyear it's a little more difficult to predict, as my personal favorite is Atonement -- a wonderful storyline that the members of the Academy generally like. The award it'll clinch is for the one for Costume Design. The wardrobe went the gamut, from men's bathrobes to nurse's uniforms, to the dress that is the talk of the season -- this little green number. It's nothing short of fabulous, and I don't say that lightly.

I'm not a huge fan of Keira Knightly, but even the ds said this movie would win the Oscar, hands down -- and he saw almost all of the nominees. Not that he knows a thing about fashion, of course, though he did say that "Keira Knightly's boobs are what made Pirates of the Caribben such a good movie." Now, it looks rather obvious from these pictures that Kiera Knightly HAS no bobbage, but that's ok. This is 1930s fashion of course it'd take an oddly shaped body like Keira Knightly to carry it off. I have raved about this movie's wardrobe, till one of my vintie buddies mentioned that someone should've reminded Kiera to take out her belly ring before they filmed, cause it's quite obvious in the second picture. Kinda kills the 30s look in the stills, but of course, those of us who have an appreciation for the art of costume design don't necessarily care. If you want to know more about the incredible construction of this beauty, click here. It will tell you all of the amazing details that went into constructing this iconic gown.

And so, I went looking for a dress that's even remotely similar, and came across this lovely green dress, from VA-VA-VOOOOM, on ebay. Ok, so the style is different, but it's breathtaking nonetheless. I predict it's a winner.

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