Friday, February 22, 2008

Toeing the line

When ds13 was a baby, he was a biter. Not a mean bitter, mind you. He was a kid that, when he got overstimulated or overexcited, he'd start biting.

He bit himself a couple of times even. What a nutjob. Of course, dd used that to her advantage one time. Came running in to me crying, showing me an arm with fresh bite marks. Problem was, those teeth marks were missing a couple of teeth, and ds was only about four. Didn't even HAVE all his teeth yet. Heck, he's 13, and still hasn't lost all of his teeth.

That Bratty Gurl bit herself, just to get the boy in trouble. Yep, she can be a schemer when she wants to.

But the boy got his revenge, more than once. Bit her right on the inner thigh one time, after they built a tent in the living room. Played around, giggling and having a great time, till Count Dracula hit. Bit her hard enough to break the skin, too. I called the doctor's office to see if they wanted to see her, because it really looked kind of ugly, and all I got was the typical "has she had her shots" comment, while the receptionist laughed.

Another time, the boy got wild and bit her right on the big toe. A few days later, it was a beautiful shade of green. Ended up needing lanced, plus a week of antibiotics to boot. I think that was the last time he bit her, either cause he figured out a new way to express joy, or she learned to dodge him better.

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