Friday, February 15, 2008

Make a Run for the Border

The goofy ds18 went to Canada over Christmas break. The first college guy road trip is always something memories are made of, and I suspect that this trip was no exception. Suspect, because I'm not asking. Some things a mom just doesn't want to know.

I do know that he and his buddy, Russell aka Potter aka Poots, were all but strip searched at the border, when they went into Canada. Had to produce hotel reservations, phone numbers, and all but the first born child -- which I don't even want to think about at this point in time -- hopefully that's about ten years down the road. Anyway, this little pop quiz was when they were going into Canada. Oddly, coming back, they were only asked a question or two, then waved right in. So much for border security. Heck, I'd make 'em stop so I could interrogate them, and I'm the mom.

So he and Poots made their foray into roadtrip-hood, in Toronto, with a bunch of buddies from the forum ds hosts. Bunch of crazy guy stuff or, as the ds says "ballin' at the Asian mall," and other stories not to be repeated, except under oath. They are preparing to invoke the Fifth this summer, when Canada Trip 2 takes place.
The mother, on the other hand, will be in constant prayer.

And so, in honor of Canada Trip, the generous forum donors, and ODIdol, the forum's ongoing quest to find the utmost in singing talent, here's a vintage Swedish military jacket, coming to you, in honor of tsutter and Poots, from Smith and Pooter Vintage, on the bay. And if you want to hear one of the most entertaining entries from ODIdol, take a listen to this Swedish entry. Knocked the ds right outta the competition, despite his own Swedish roots, but it's all for good reason. It's hilarious. Encompassing people from all over the world, ODIdol was the ds's little shot at singing fame. And though he was eliminated in the last round, I'm told that he has the losers' bracket all tied up. Not sure if it's a good thing, but it's an interesting idea to be the winner of losers.

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