Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Let's Talk Nerd

DD is an outside girl. Loves being at the barn with her horse. Likes hanging around the creek, looking for crawdads and looking at the little fish. Loves camping. Doesn't have a lot of use for technology. She has very little in common with her brothers.

Couple of years ago, they attended a homeschool co-op. Set up like a private school, it was a nice change for all of us, for a while. And to add to her joy in being away from her mother for a few hours a couple of days a week, she was the only girl in some of her classes. Suh-weet, as she would say. Nothing like being queen for a day.

Till she realized that she didn't speak their language. Came home and said "they were speaking Nerd at lunch again" all the time. Found out the homeschooled or not, WoW is WoW, and all boys know it, talk it, and live it. And of course, figure a girl has no use for it. Or rather, they have no use for a girl, when WoW is in the picture. Guess their mamas taught 'em not to pick on a girl, so they definitely can't shoot 'em. Even online.

But dd being dd, she was able to win in the long run. The know it all teenaged son of the co-op's director asked the group one day what their favorite video game was. I think he was going to ignore dd, but she said "Dance Dance Revolution." He turned his nose up and said "that's not a video game," to which she responded, "what do you play it on?" "Playstation." "Where do you buy it?" "Best Buy and places like that." "What department do you buy it in?" "Video Games."

Check and mate.

Needless to say, my kids didn't stay at the co-op long after the director said that dd needed to "stop talking so harshly to the boys." Informed me that if she didn't learn how to speak kindly to boys, she would have trouble finding a mate. Why that woman thought that I needed to worry about her finding a mate at the age of 15, I'll never know, but I did tell her that if anyone was gonna have trouble finding a mate, it'd be me, and I had been married almost twenty years at the time, so I figured dd was gonna be just fine.

So, as the hubby says, dd might not speak nerd, but we sure won't have to worry about some guy putting the moves on her, cause she'd beat the hell outta them, one way or another, cause she's sure not afraid to express herself. Meantime, ds18 is off to college, speaking nerd, and gettin' the girls. Go figure. And so, in honor of all those nerds who get the girl, here's a great vintage class 'o nerds photo, from Remember When Photos,
on ebay.

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