Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Frankly Scarlett............

I've been on a roll about the Oscars lately, mainly because I plan to wager my son on the outcome this weekend, and just cannot decide who I think will win. It's driving me a bit mad.

So, hubby was cruising the channels last night, and what should come up but "Gone With The Wind." I sighed and said "this is such a good movie." He looked at me blankly and asked "what the heck makes it such a good movie?" He's never *seen* "Gone With The Wind" in its entirety.

That explains a lot of things about that man.

I just dropped my jaw, and when I could recompose myself, I said "it's good because it's GONE WITH THE WIND." He said "I don't get it." I guess not. Very shortly afterward, Scarlett showed up in the green dress. He asked "what is the big deal about that green dress" at which point I said, you have to WATCH the movie. He said "did people really dress like that?" Oye. I couldn't even respond, because what do you say? Sure, they dressed like that. Only they didn't, cause she was wearing the drapes! He'd never understand that.

Any man who can make it to his age without seeing "Gone With The Wind" is never gonna get it, when it comes to that green dress.

So, he asked if Vivian Leigh had won an Oscar for GWTW, and I went searching imdb, as usual, for movie trivia. (He complains about me having my laptop on all the time, but as soon as I turn it off, he asks me a trivia question, then insists I look it up. This is why we win trivia contests all the time.) Did you know that Clark Gable gave away the Oscar he won for "It Happened One Night?" Gave it to a child, because he said the winning was more important than owning the trophy. After his death, the child, who was probably grown up by then, gave it to the family.

Years later, the family wanted to auction it off. Nowadays, you can't sell your Oscar -- it has to go back to the Academy. It's an agreement the winners sign, saying that they will only sell it to the Academy. Turned out the anonymous winning bidder of Clark Gable's Oscar was none other than Stephen Spielberg, who promptly returned it to the Academy. What a guy.

So, that's your little trivia nugget for the night. If you want a dose of green and gorgeous, check out this Vintage 50s Fred Perlberg confection, from Cranberry Couture Vintage, on ebay. Definitely NOT made of drapes, it is truly awesome enough for the red carpet. Walking it, that is, not making a dress from it.

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real-vintage.com said...

oooooooooh, speaking of drapes!! Daniel Day-Lewis' wife at the Oscars! Drapes for sure.