Monday, February 18, 2008

Video Almost Killed the Monkey Boy

The youngest ds was kind of a daredevil. I say was, because he did finally learn his lesson, but it took him a while.

Broke both arms before 2 1/2. Almost drowned two or three times. And yeah, he got his head stuck in the counter of the video store. How, one asks, does one get one's head stuck at the video store? Well, it was pretty easy, if you're ds.

I took them to the video store to pick a movie. DS was about three. I was looking at a display very close to the front door, when I started hearing these muffled grunting sounds. Realizing that I hadn't heard a peep from ds in a minute or so, I looked over, and realized that the big dork had stuck his head in a narrow area between the door's frame and the desk. Narrow enough to fit one's head in, but not narrow enough to get one's head out.

So there he was, on his hands and knees, like a little dog, trying to pull his head out of the hole, but every time he would pull back, his ears got stuck. Hence, the grunting of a determined 3yo, bound to get loose before his mama caught him. And there I was, standing over him, laughing, when the manager noticed. He was on the phone, talking to God knows who, when he realized what was going on. He looked a little stricken, and almost shouted into the phone "I have to go. A little boy's head is stuck in the counter," and abruptly hung up. I told him it was really no big deal. This kind of thing happened all the time with him. I would've carried the jaws of life around with me, had they fit in my purse.

He looked at me like I was out of my mind (which, if you know me, isn't too far off the mark). I calmly knelt down, laid the boy's ears flat, pulled his head out of the counter, and walked away. DS just wandered over to his sister like nothing had happened. The manager looked dismayed while I shook my head, wondering when the boy would grow a brain.

Fortunately, the boy has a lot more sense now, and his head is a bit too big to fit in the video store counter. I guess the brain finally grew. Not a minute too soon. And not a minute too soon for the Oscars, here's a great Hollywood style rayon gown, from Cherry Picked Vintage, on ebay. It's got a slinky line, a great bare back, and a beautiful floral motif. I could lose my head bidding on this one.

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