Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Oscars meet Utter Chaos

So here I am, at 1:27 a.m., pondering life as we know it. Well, not really, but I ended up working till 2 a.m. because one of our nurses is sick. She must've caught it over the phone, whilst talking to one of our callers. Oh well -- I'm a night owl anyway, so at least I'm getting paid for it tonight.

Except this means that I'll be watching LOST at 2 a.m., cause I watch it the minute I get home, regardless of the hour. Just let me know where the LOST-aholics meeting is, and I'll be there, cause I am definitely powerless over that show.

So, despite my musings of earlier in the week, please do not speak of the Oscars. When Atonement lost for costume design, I was miffed enough, but when it lost for cinematography, I actually yelled loud enough that they could probably hear me in the Kodak Theatre. I was appalled.

DD, however, was appalled at the outcome of our little family contest, in guessing the Oscars. I said early on that it would be a difficult year to pick, and that I wouldn't do well, so I picked two sets of picks. She thought this was cheating, but I picked what my personal favorites were, and then what I thought the Academy would pick.

I sucked on both.

Here we were, printed ballots and all, with ds on IM from school, giving his picks just before they gave the awards. DD would eagerly await it, sure that this year she would pick them right, because she had actually seen some of the movies -- or at least read a lot about them. She did see the very end of "There Will Be Blood," and swore that she might be scarred for life. But then again, the hubby said the same thing...anyway, she was sure she'd win this year.

Here's how the conversation went, for example, on the Best Actor award:
DH: "I'm getting a free lunch out of this." (he had bet his old boss that Daniel Day Lewis would win -- gave her the other nominees, and he had to buy if any of them won. The boss had to buy only if DDL won, because she hated the movie so much which, as we pointed out to her, was the point of the role). "I'm going to get this right, because you can only get it right if you see all of the films involved. There is no guesswork involved."

DD: "I'm gonna get this one right. Wow, that guy announcing that last award was hot."

Me: "DDL is brilliant. Of course he will win. He could win just for breathing in a movie."

DS, instant messaged from afar): "DUH. Of course DDL will win. If he doesn't win, I'm turning it off. He was amazing. More amazing than when he was Bill the Butcher, but better than Last of the Mohicans. But "There Will Be Blood" was a great character study. Of course Dad's boss hated the ending, that was the whole point of the character."

Daniel Day Lewis wins, gives a cool acceptance speech, during which time we all agree upon how brilliant we are.

The award for Cinematography is being discussed. We have now watched about five people almost fall down, walking to the podium to announce awards, which has been the most entertaining thing in the show, by far. Here's our discussion.

DD: "I am so gonna get this one right. Hey, that guy is hot."

DH: "I don't know a damn thing about cinematography. What the heck is the award for? Just taking good film? I don't get it. Who cares about Cinematography anyway? But I'm going to get this right, because you can only get it right if you see all of the films involved. There is no guesswork involved."

Me: "Atonement had better win this one, after being robbed for costuming."

DS, in IM from afar: "Atonement had great cinematography. That tracking shot was like five minutes long, and was amazing. Of course, Children of Men had an even longer one, plus they had Clive Owen. I'm surprised I am even watching the Oscars after they robbed that movie of Best Picture. Clive Owen is brilliant."

Some other movie, rather than Atonement, wins, of course. Here is the ensuing Utter Chaos:

DH: "I, of course, got it right, because I am the supreme chooser of Oscar winners."

DD (crumples paper up, tosses it toward the dog): "I don't know why I bother, because I suck at this. It's ridiculous. Hey. That guy is hot."

Me: Primal scream heard for several hundred miles away

DS, in IM: "I am so gonna own all of you, because I rule the Oscars."

DH: "What in the world are you yelling for, woman? If you'd listen to me, you would get them all right. I got it right, of course. Just stay with me, I'll teach you things. See, I got it right."

DD: (pounces on the hubby's paper, whilst he bats her away. She gets it anyway.) You did NOT get it right. It says right here that you picked Atonement. You suck.

DH: Oh be quiet and leave me alone.

DS: I am now 7/8 in my picks of the Oscars. I rule you all.

DH: Well, I would've had it right, but your mother made me pick Atonement. We all know that you have to actually SEE the movies in order to pick winners. There is no guesswork involved.

DD and I, together: "Whatever."

DS: "I'm going to rule you all, because you suck."

DD: "Hey, that guy is hot."


Needless to say, I did not do well on my picks, ds ruled the night, and dh is still saying why he really won, despite the scores on the ballots. Because he got a free lunch out of it, which is more than we got. So he got bragging rights, without even winning. But me, I don't care. I just watch it for the clothes anyway. And I think that I've shown you this one before, but it bears being seen again, because it's what I would've worn to the Oscars: a beautiful vintage
cherry red ball gown, from Purse Diva Vintage, at Main Street Vintage. It'd sooth my troubled soul, even if it clashed with the red on the carpet.

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