Friday, March 21, 2008

The Book of Yeti

March in Indiana equals insanity, aka March Madness. Basketball in Indiana is legendary -- but let's not talk about those crazy Pacers. Let's talk about Butler (the dh's dad's alma mater), Indiana University (the dh's alma mater) and whatever other teams are in the chase.

Hubby loves March Madness, and the ds18 has got the gene as well. I called him from work today, to tell him that my boss wanted to interview him in an hour for a good job in our department. I can hear the hubby yelling -- heck, YOU could probably hear him yelling -- and I realize he's watching basketball. Must've come home early for the Butler game. Tell the ds, yes, you do have to get decently dressed. No track pants. And put on a belt. This is an interview. For a job. Try to act somewhat civilized.

The shower he took was his idea. Yay! He wasn't sure if he had clean clothes -- which, if you saw the pile of laundry he brought home, you'd wonder too -- then realized ok, he had dress pants and shirt, but no belt. Didn't want his dad's belt, and insisted on going beltless, so I told him he had to have on a tie. He was less than thrilled. Of course, he hadn't gotten the haircut he's talked about for a month, and the short notice meant he didn't even get a shave in.

Went to the interview looking kind of like a cross between a Mormon (minus the bicycle), and a Yeti. But he got the job. Well, that's unless he has some hidden felonies that his mother doesn't know about, cause they do a pretty thorough background check. Of course, it doesn't matter then, cause I'd have a felony too, should I find that he's hiding anything criminal.

So yep, the boy has a job for the summer, albeit with his mother, and only on an as needed basis, but it's a start. He applied for a great internship at Angie's List as well, so maybe that will come to fruition and he'll be at least temporarily independently wealthy. Things are looking up folks -- he'll be able to pay for my nursing home before you know it. As long as I can get him away from the basketball tournament long enough to actually work.

And so, in honor of the boys' new employment, and Butler's success in the big dance, here's a vintage gym suit, from MyVintageWear Store, on the bay. Remember those godawful gym suits we used to wear? This one actually looks cute. And it has a belt.

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