Sunday, March 09, 2008

Spiderman Superpowers

DS18 went back to school today, after a spring break spent sleeping. I miss that big goob already.

He has become fascinated with all things medical. Is a "House" junkie, and reads about various and sundry medical trivia all the time. Even acts interested when the old lady talks about work stuff.

One of his earliest interests was dermatologic, when he developed this weird little thing on his hand, during a camping trip. It kept getting bigger and more odd shaped over the course of the weekend, till it looked like he had a tiny little extra digit coming out of his finger. Took him to the doc and found out it was a pyogenic granuloma. He loved the way the name sounded when it rolled off his tongue.

Crazy boy.

He developed this weird thing on his wrist a couple of years ago. It looked like a bug bite, and he kept messing with it, so I put some hydrocortisone cream on it. Followed it with some Vitamin E, cause that sucker just wouldn't heal. Vitamin E and hydrocortisone cream must not mix, cause then it began to look more like a burn and completely refused to heal. The boy wasn't too happy with the old lady, especially when it started looking kind of grayish brown, got bigger than a pencil eraser, and calloused looking. VERY weird looking. Odd enough that people would ask him what it was.

The kid called it his Spiderman superpower.

Finally, I trotted him off to the dermatologist to see what the heck it was. Dermatologist, sadly, called it a "picker's nodule." What a disappointment. Here, I thought the kid was gonna have a web come flying out at any minute, and it had a sad little name like that, and all he had to do was leave it alone and it'd heal. I've gotten used to seeing it, and it's a part of him almost as much as his big blue eyes. So imagine my sadness to see that the boy's superpowers are beginning to disappear, just like those little kids who stop seeing ghosts as they grow up. My baby is growing up. And so, in honor of the Spiderman Nodule of Youth, here's a cool vintage Spidey T shirt, from 1coolshirt, on ebay. Superpowers not included.

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