Sunday, March 16, 2008

It all adds up now

I hate math. I never went past Algebra 2 in school, and had to work my tail off for the B that I got. So it was rather funny that I played the accountant in our Night of Mystery last night.

A rich, embezzling accountant. In rhinestones, diamonds, onyx, and a great purple vintage boucle coat, with mink trim. Yep, I was dressed to kill.

Only I didn't do it. I made off with 80 million bucks, plus some, if the ex wife runs the business properly. Turned out the son of the butler who was the chaffeur was the actual millionaire's son, but before he knew it, he killed him in a manner which was never explained, and then he killed off the French maid, who just happened to be his mother, who never told the butler that he wasn't the real father and because he was the sole male heir it left the three daughters including the twin sister who was really the middle sister even though she was a twin out in the cold, which was much better than letting the oldest get 30%, leaving the two younger girls only 10% each, which made them bitter, and the middle daughter's husband upset enough to dump her and go after the ex, who was now the owner of the business.

And the pool boy was left out in the cold entirely, with wishes for a good life. But at least he kept his clothes on--everyone had made bets on whether he would show up in Speedos, and one guy actually called the house to see if he was going to show up naked. Yeah, they know my husband well. My character was the only woman in the room who didn't know him in the biblical sense.

Thank God.

And so, in honor of my innocence in last night's escapade, here's a cool pair of Speedos, from retrocouture boutique, on ebay. Poolboy not included.

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