Monday, March 10, 2008

The Power of Queen

24 years of nursing gives one an interesting viewpoint on life. I started out as a 20 year old new grad, sweet and fairly innocent, and grew to realize I had powers I never knew about.

I was talking to a Ang, from Dorothea's Closet Vintage, tonight. Her dad is really sick, so we've been keeping in touch, trying to decipher what the doctor's do, and don't, say. She was talking about the nurses, and something reminded me of this patient I took care of in the hospital, when I worked in Florida, at Manatee Memorial, in ICU.

Guy comes in, in his early 70s. I admitted him, and tried to get him settled in, but the guy's calcium was something totally whacked, and we didn't know why. The end result was that the guy was climbing the walls. Trying to go over the rails of the bed, pulling at all of his lines, going totally nuts. We'd given him enough drugs to stop a Mack truck, to no avail. I had called his doc to get some more, so he could get some rest. Guy tells me, very seriously, "if you don't let me outta this bed, I'm gonna die." "Well, you can't get outta bed, so you're gonna have to lie back down."

Secretary pages me to the desk. Doctor is calling. Gives me orders for a sleeping pill for Prince Charming. I go to the cabinet to sign it out. Suddenly, I hear an alarm go off, turn around and damn, he's outta bed. ::sigh:: Head in the room with his sleeping pill and nope, he's in bed. Flatline.

No joke, the guy just dropped dead cause I didn't let him outta bed. I had no idea that I had so much power. We run the code, nothing works, and after he's pronounced, I tell the doc what happened, and he looks at me, very seriously, and says, "next time, let the guy outta bed."

So, since we all know that I'm the Queen, and now you know that if I tell you to stay still, you'd better run like hell, cause the Grim Reaper might be wandering over to get you. And for the power of Queen, here's a vintage Smiths T shirt, proclaiming The Queen Is Dead, from rock2you.

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