Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sleeping like Ricky and Lucy

I am not the greatest sleeper in the world. I'm a confirmed night person, hate morning, and have one heck of a time getting to sleep, most nights.

I want to sleep like Ricky and Lucy.

DH is a wild sleeper. He tosses and turns, flailing around like a fish out of water. I have learned to sleep with my arms up over my head, to protect myself from getting a black eye. He's whacked me in the head with an elbow more than once. If I have my arms up in sweet surrender, he hits the arm and not the head, which is much less painful.

He likes to snuggle up, and I want as much distance as possible. I don't sleep well with someone too close, and he likes to sleep smack in the middle of the bed. There were a couple of times where he wanted to sleep like spoons and knocked me right out of the bed -- one time when I was seven months pregnant.

The man is downright dangerous, when it comes to sleep.

And if I don't wake up bruised, I wake up with the sheets in a huge tangle. This morning, the sheet was in the far corner of his side of the bed, the bedspread was in a tangle on his side of the bed, and the quilt was off the bed. I sleep with no pillow by choice, but keep it on the floor by my side of the bed. He got up, tossed it on the bed and whacked me awake with it.

Nothing like a pillow to start a fight. Oye.

I once tried to convince the crazy man that we really didn't need a new bed, we needed a twin bed and a couch. He sleeps best on the couch - a leftover of three brothers sleeping in a bedroom big enough for two -- and I want to sleep alone, with visitation privileges, to protect myself and maybe actually get some sleep. He's not buying it, so there I am, in my own personal Slumberland War, every night. Some day..........

So, I went looking for something Lucy, and found this great vintage silk Lucy dress, from Hemlock Vintage, on the net. The beautiful construction would at least take everyone's eye away from the bags under mine.

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