Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Holy rollers

When I was a kid, we went skating every Saturday afternoon. My earliest memory of skating was of me, probably about 4 or 5 years old, at the Silver Top Skating rink, hugging the wooden railing for dear life, fighting bravely against the force of gravity. It was a proud day when I finally rolled off on my own without that railing.

We all had our own skates, and skate cases. Mine was green metal, and showed a bit of wear from trudging back and forth to the rink each week. We skated for a couple of hours, frontward and back, with a little Hokey Pokey thrown in for good measure. It was so much fun, and boy did my feet feel good when they finally came out of the skates that were probably a bit narrow for my duck feet. After skating, we sometimes got a snack -- I always picked an oversized Sweet Tart, which I ate on the way home to homemade pizza and Shirley Temple movies.

Years later, when I was pregnant with ds13, I was on a restricted, fat free diet, and reverted back to Sweet Tarts -- one of the few candies that someone on a fat free diet could eat. The people I worked with swore that that boy would come out with a package of them in each hand. I didn't care. It reminded me of being a kid, which felt pretty good in the middle of a complicated pregnancy.

Well, that didn't happen, but he did come out pretty fearless. He was the one who went skating with us, falling over and over again, but getting it down without the aid of a railing. He's the one who still likes to go over to the ice skating rink in the winter, racing around like a maniac. He likes anything that rolls -- bike, skateboard, or scooter -- he'll take it all. Sadly, most of the roller skating rinks around here have closed, but we still go over once in a while for a couple of hours of skating. I'm a bit leery of roller skating these days, afraid that I'll break something, but it always give me a grin, watching that boy do the Hokey Pokey, just like I did.

And so, for your inner holy roller, here's a vintage novelty print skirt, with a skating theme, from Posh Girl Vintage. It's a sweetheart!

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