Thursday, March 06, 2008

Uncle Sam meets the electronic age

I haven't even started on our taxes yet. We always have to pay, so it's too depressing to think about at the moment.

There are tax places all over our side of town. The one closest to us has a guy outside, in full Uncle Sam getup, standing on the corner for advertisement. Last year, they alternated between Uncle Sam and a girl who was the Statue of Liberty. Uncle Sam stood out there, in every kind of weather, with his iPod in his ears. He was always dancing and waving to the passing cars. We got a lot of amusement out of watching him. His dancing always looked kind of like he was on crack -- in our neighborhood, he might've been -- but he always looked really happy.

This year's Uncle Sam is a different dude, and he's not as reliable at being out there. Maybe business is better, and they don't want to advertise as much. This guy wears the costume, but not the iPod. Instead, he has a boombox going full tilt, with all kinds of tunes on it. Funniest one was the day I drove by, and "Another One Bites The Dust" was on. How appropriate is that, for a tax place?

You could get a whole repertoire of music for that kind of place: "The Winner Takes It All" comes to mind, among many others. So if you are part of the depressed economy and need seasonal work, grab this Uncle Sam pattern, from marymaul on ebay. It's a yankee doodle dandy!

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mary said...

Thanks so much for pointing people my way! I'm discovering vintage patterns at thrift stores and falling in love with so many! I'll check out your website to get help resizing. Glad you're out there!