Thursday, March 06, 2008


We used to watch M*A*S*H all the time, when I was growing up. It was a regular Monday evening gig for us, and I still like watching the reruns, from time to time. That is one show that is somehow able to stand the test of time, without looking dated.

This week, our house looks more and more like a M*A*S*H unit. Sunday, after dh's last play performance, we went out to Applebee's. DS13, who is a nibbler, ordered a Caesar salad, and a grilled cheese BLT (no tomato, of course). That's a LOT of food for ds, cause he never, ever finishes a meal, and that Caesar salad is dinner sized. I expressed dismay at how much he ordered, and he showed me triumphantly that he had actually finished it all. I figured he's growing, cause he definitely is.

He came in the living room later, saying his stomach hurt, and he "shouldn't have eaten those Twizzlers." Good heavens. I had no idea he could put that much food away. As it turned out, he could put it away -- it just wouldn't stay there.

Yep, he was up, sick, at 3am that night. Good times.

So he was sick all day Monday, and slept most of the day. Came to the top of the basement stairs in late afternoon (I was working on inventorying my patterns) and said "Mom, what do you want me to do with this?" Since I couldn't see him, I asked what "it" was.

"A panful of throwup," says my child. Oh yeah. He's a fun date.

Yesterday, ds18 started in -- which is always a worry, because the last time he did this, his liver temporarily gave up the ghost. DD17 rolled her eyes and remarked about how he was overreacting, and wasn't all that sick. I told her she'd be next, since she's spent the whole week with the boys. She told me that she was not going to get it.

Wrong. 3am, I hear that godawful "Mom" that only means one thing. Yep, she was vomiting now, too. Got her settled in, and when I went back to bed, dh said, in his infinite wisdom "if they'd keep that room up there clean, they wouldn't be getting sick." They all hang out in the oldest's room, and while it can get to be pretty trashy, if they were gonna be sick from it, they'd never be healthy.

DD came in and flopped in the bed with me this morning,and has been sleeping all day. It's now 2pm. When dh came home for lunch, the halfway well ds18 said to him "you're next, buddy," to which dh replied oh no, he doesn't GET sick. Of course, it was at that point that I mentioned that dd had been asleep on his pillow now for at least 5 hours, so yeah, he probably WILL get sick. And I'm sure that I have a target on me now, too.

So our house looks like a M*A*S*H unit, with Gatorade bottles and popsicle sticks all around, but fortunately, no pans full of vomit. So oddly, I went looking for something in that pukey green that the 60s were known for. It's an odd color that usually doesn't look very good, but I found this cute embroidered green and pink daisy dress, from cloudninevintage, on ebay. It's so cute, it makes me sick.

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