Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone! I'll be working all day, but always like Easter. I have wonderful memories of Easter as a kid. We'd go to Easter sunrise services, which I actually hated, cause morning is evil. But I always remember singing "Christ the Lord has Risen Today, and it makes my heart warm.

But we'd have EARLY church, sometimes Easter breakfast, and hey, Easter means candy. I didn't get any Easter candy this year at all, but since I worked, I have an excuse. Hubby could've gotten it, but it'd be half gone by the time he got home, so why bother? The kids will get over it.

One of the new guys at work gave me an Easter gift. He's a sweet college guy who just got back from Miami, for spring break. So he came in today and handed me the bunny he bought me. It's cuddly soft and, as he points out, it sings "Awesome God." Really loudly. We had a good laugh about it, because I pressed his hand and he started to sing while someone was on the phone -- I grabbed that bunny in a bear hug just to quiet him down.

So before I left work, I was showing the girls the bunny he got me. They were remarking how cute it was, so I pressed his hand. He started bellowing "our God is an awesome God," while his mouth moved in time. They all said "what is he singing?" I told them, and one of the girls said "oh, I thought it was a Jewish song." ::sigh::

Yep. An Easter bunny that sings Had Gadya. Oye evay.

So happy Easter, folks. May all your bunnies be chocolate, cause if you buy real ones, the dd will be heading to your house to read you the riot act about animal rights. If you MUST have a bunny, try this vintage kid's pattern from Linda's Sew Be It, on the bay. It's got cute bunny toy patterns, plus you can whip up something cute to wear as well. And keep in mind that Christ The Lord Has Risen Today. Allelujah!

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